Monday, January 10, 2011

Shigeo Shingo’s contribution

Shigeo Shingo’s contribution to management methodology is better known than his name in BPI [Business Process Improvement].
Shigeo Shingo was born in 1909 at Saga City, Japan. In 1930 after perusing his graduation from Yamanashi Technical College he went to work for the Taipei Railway, Japan. In 1943 Dr.shingo got transferred to the Amano Manufacturing Plant as Manufacturing Section Chief. He shown his magnificent performance of raising productivity level at 100% there. Dr.Shingo worked for several manufacturers during 1945-46 and also began a professional association with the JMA – Japanese Management Association. During 1946-1954 Dr.Shingo worked on countless assignments & delivered several important papers and crystallized his innovative thoughts on process and plant layout designing. He also applied Statistical Process Control to execute his ideas.
In the year 1955, Dr.Shingo get associated with Toyota. In 1959, Dr. Shingo started his own consulting company and he developed his concepts of poka-yoke “The Mistake-Proofing.” His great achievement is to cut the set up time of 1000 ton press at Toyota by 3 hours and 57 min. That was from 4 hours to 3 Minutes by using SMED in 1969. He also written 14 books and countless papers on manufacturing.
His contribution includes all these theory and processes.
-Poka yoke,
-Source inspection,
-Mistake proofing,
-SMED (single minute exchange of die) and
-Just In Time (JIT) production.
Shigeo Shingo’s quality teachings were successful as they were practical and action oriented. I will post more about his theory and process in coming days.